The Good Form campaign is a consortium of Irish charities and other good causes coming together to build taxback income. We help eligible causes get more tax rebates on their donations from individuals through the use of shared marketing.
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The Scheme of Tax Relief for Donations is a valuable source of income to many charities and approved bodies. However, many donors whose donations would be eligible for taxback don’t return their CHY forms. We estimate charities are missing out on about €12,000,000 p.a. in unclaimed taxback.  The average pay-out from Revenue to charities in 2013 was €251 per donor, so the average old (CHY 2) form is worth that, while the new enduring (CHY 3) form (valid for 5 years) is estimated to be worth an average of €1,250.

Following initial meetings of charities in 2011/12, a task group came together to develop a campaign to improve the response rate on CHY form mailings. We developed a campaign brief and, following agency pitches, selected Javelin to develop the creative. The campaign, initially called the Irish Charities Taxback Campaign, was adopted by the ICTR and branded The Good Form.

We have devised copy and artwork for a direct mail pack that you can use for your tax mailings – all you have to do is add your own logo, photos, signature, etc. The pack includes a cover letter, both the CHY 2 and CHY 3 forms, explanatory notes to donors, FAQs, reply & outer envelopes.

Charities coming together using the common brand of The Good Form will raise awareness of the benefits of taxback and the simple need to complete and return the forms. This will not only improve the response rates of individual charities participating but across the sector as a whole. The campaign will also demonstrate to donors that the charity sector can pull together, reduce costs and provide consistent messaging. The more charities we can bring together to pool budgets, the more we can achieve.

Will you join us in this collaborative campaign? Please contact us or email us at or call 085 717 0617.

The Good Form is an initiative of ICTR. It is directed by a task group comprising of Denisa Casement – Merchants Quay Ireland (Chair), Criona Cullen – RDS, Aideen Lynch – Irish Heart Foundation, Cora O’Liathain – Threshold.

With thanks to Edel Cribbin (Irish Cancer Society), Judith Gilsenan (World Vision Ireland), Natalie McDermot (Concern Worldwide), Ronan Ryan (Irish Red Cross), and Siobhán McGee, and all the charities who participated in the consultative meetings.

The campaign is managed by Bruce Clark – Bruce Clark Associates Fundraising Consultancy – for ICTR.

Print-ready artwork is available to charities who join The Good Form campaign.

(The following PDFs are samples only, not for reproduction. Editable, high-res artwork is available to charities who join The Good Form campaign.)

The Good Form 2014 pack low-res artwork:

The Good Form letter

CHY 3 new Good Form

CHY 2 old Good Form


The Good Form reply envelope

The Good Form outer envelope



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